Sacred Indigenous Youth Education Circle

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Empowering Youth for Seven Generations and Beyond !

     Thank you for visiting Sacred Indigenous Youth Education Circle.

     Currently all programs and operations are on hold, while re-evaluating how best to move forward.

     We are a non-profit Education Circle serving at-risk Native American and Native Hawaiian youth, as well as the Native American and Native Hawaiian communities at large. Our parent non-profit is Native American Center Hawaii, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

     We also have programs serving the non-Native communities in the areas where we are located, continuing long standing traditions of helping those in need regardless of their ethnic backround.

     Our contact information is :

Sacred Indigenous Youth Education Circle

PO Box 204

Lytle Creek, California 92358-0204

Our Mission

The mission of Sacred Indigenous Youth Education Circle is to assist each young person we encounter in reaching his/her fullest potential by discovering talents and abilities and building on those strengths, by encouraging strength of body, mind and spirit, and teaching love and respect of oneself and every other living thing.


     Our school will be grateful for any donation you may wish to share; we are in the first stages of founding our school and require everything from the foundation up.

Currently we are seeking the DONATIONS of :

1. Monetary donations of any size

2. Rural Property in Arizona or Hawaii, on which to build our first school

3. Fifth Wheel, travel trailer, or Motor Home (usable)

4. Pick Up Truck or Car (running & usable)

5. Building Materials (Environmentally Friendly)

6. Class Room, Office, and Household Supplies

7. Furniture : Class Rooms, Dorms, and Office

8. Office Equipment, Computers (desk top & lap top), Soft Ware, Printers, Fax, Copiers, etc.

9. Any Useful Items, including Tools for building, gardening, farm animals, etc.

10. Your Friendship and Good Wishes

Our Goal

The goal of Sacred Indigenous Youth Education Circle is to encourage our youth to learn their heritage, with it's traditions and beliefs, in order to know where they have come from and to know themselves .... becoming stronger, more confident and compassionate human beings.

Our Education Council

If you are an active and accepted member of your Native American or Native Hawaiian community, and passionate about building a better future for our Native youth and Native Nations ..... "putting the Native back into the child" ..... creating a better future for our young people and Native People as a whole ....

Please join us !!!!